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Wincest Free Zone

a non-wincest supernatural community

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Allow me (namegoeshere) to give a general idea of what we're all here for and some ground rules of the community.


Deciding what belongs in this community (and what doesn't) has been an... interesting process, to say the least. Through talking to both community members and people on the "outside", I've managed to form a decent idea of what I want to see here and what should be here.

One of the things I do want to see on this community is everything. Not just fanfic, not just icons, not just fanvvids, not just episode discussion. Everything. The only thing that should not be seen anywhere in this community is wincest. I don't have any moral objections to wincest, it's just not my thing, and I'd like a place that compiles everything that is not wincest into one easy to find little oasis. So welcome to this, our wincest free zone.

After a lot of thought, this will not be a place to discuss wincest. It is simple a place where wincest is not. Everybody is welcome here, provided they follow the rules, and hopefully everyone can get along.

Forms of permitted writing and media:

Fanfiction - Icons - Discussion - Fanvids - Comics - Links - Picspammage - Wallpapers - Manips - Polls & Questionnaires - Supernatural News

If you feel there is something that should be added to this list, please let us know and it will most likely be added. This is just what we could think of.


General Rules of the Community
1. No wincest. Is this rule exclusionary? Yes. The purpose of this community is to provide for those who either aren't down with the wincest or who are simply in the mood for something else. Thus, any wincest related fanfiction, icons, discussions, comments, wallpapers, etc. etc. are not permitted. If you do post something that is wincest, you will be asked (nicely) to remove it. If it's not removed, the moderators will have to delete the offending post. We're not trying to be mean, but the purpose of this community is to provide a "wincest free space".

2. No flaming or name-calling. Disagreements and difference of opinion happen. However, it is possible to discuss and not argue. Those who are involved in any flamewars will receive a warning. If the action does not stop or a pattern of behavior emerges, the offending poster will be removed from the community. Offensive comments will be deleted by the moderators and comments will be turned off on any entries which spark continued unfriendly debates.

3. Correct spelling and grammar is appreciated.

Rules for Posting Fanfiction
1. Fics which carry the warning "wincest if you squint" are permitted. However, we do ask that you not include that tag when posting the fic, so that those who are trying to not even think about the wincest don't have to. If you are linking off-community to your own personal journal, you do not have to remove the tag from where the fic is posted, that would be silly. Just keep it off the community and post a full summary. If it is obviously wincest, please don't post it, or if you're not sure, ask one of the moderators.

2. Fics of all genres are permitted: slash, gen, het, angst, drama. If you can write it, we want to read about it -- as long as it's not wincest. ;)

3. Fics of all ratings, from children's stories up through NC-17 are permitted. Please make sure the rating of your fic is clearly labeled. It should be clearly stated when a fic contains sexual situations.

4. Please be sure to post warnings for any possibly offensive material.

5. Please post warnings for episode spoilers.

6. You may either post a link to your own livejournal or post directly onto the community behind an LJ cut.

Icons and Other Livejournal Graphics
1. You may either post icons on the community itself or using a link to your own livejournal.

2. Please provide at least one but no more than three sample images. Additional images should be behind a cut or on the journal entry that is being linked to.

3. If posting on the community journal, no wincest or anti-wincest icons should be included.

4. If posting on your personal or icon livejournal, we understand that it would be a hassle to separate any wincest or anti-wincest icons into a separate post. We do, however, ask that you post a warning to state that the post does contain icons of that nature, and if it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, it would be nice if they could be posted under a separate header so that those who are not interested in viewing them could skip over them.

5. Any types of icons relating to Supernatural are accepted: episode caps, photoshoots, pictures of the actors, quotes, and so on and so forth.

6. Please post warnings if the icons include episode spoilers.

There are two main sorts of discussion we expect to see here.

General Series Discussion:
This will include issues brought up in multiple episodes or in the show as a whole. If starting a discussion, please specify whether you are discussing a) the series, or b) actors, etc. If the series as a whole is being discussed, it is generally understood that there will be spoilers for the entire series that has aired so far. Be warned!

Episode Discussion:
This will include both discussions of the episodes and also reviews written by our members.

Also, we will see a certain amount of Community Discussion about issues relating to the community and what's going on with that.

You'll notice that one of the sorts of discussion that was not listed was Discussion of Wincest. That is because there will be no discussion, negative or positive, of wincest. This is not a forum to discuss how you feel about wincest. Please take that to your private journal, an appropriate community, or a suitable instant messaging programs. Any posts or comments attempting to discuss the rights or wrongs of wincest, or wincest in general, will be deleted.

Also, on the use of naughty words: swearing is permitted, but it certainly isn't necessary, and please try not to be excessive. We trust you to be able to judge what is "excessive" swearing.

1. Please put up a warning for any explicit lyrics.

2. Please warn for episode spoilers.

Comics & Artwork
I don't know that we'll be seeing a lot of comics, but hey, if we do, what the hell.

1. Please provide a rating and warn for any sexual content.

2. Please warn for episode spoilers.

1. If you find a really excellent link that mentions wincest, you are welcome to post it, provided it is of interest to those who are not interested in wincest. Please post a warning saying that it contains reference to wincest.

2. Similarly, if you find a really excellent link that contains anti-wincest material, please post it only it contains material of interest to those who are not interested in anti-wincestism... (wow, that's a weird word). Please post a warning saying it contains references to anti-wincestism.

3. That said, it is best if links contain no references to either wincest or anti-wincest.

4. Please warn for any possibly offensive material besides wincest/anti-wincest content.

5. Please warn for episode spoilers.

1. Picspam belongs behind a cut or a link to your personal journal. One small sample image or thumbnail is permitted.

2. Commentary on images is permitted provided there are no references to wincest.

3. There is no limit to how many images you may post within your picspam, but please post a warning if it's a lot.

4. Warn for episode spoilers.

5. Screencaps, magazine articles, and pictures of the actors as they appear either as themselves or as other characters are all perfectly acceptable.

1. Please post a small thumbnail of the wallpaper with a link to where it can be downloaded at it's full size.

2. Warn for content and/or episode spoilers.

1. One or two small thumbnail samples are permitted. Additional and full-size images should be behind the cut or on your personal journal.

2. Please warn for content and/or epsiode spoilers.

Polls & Questionnaires
I admit, polls and questionnaires can be fun.

1. No questions about wincest. Not "Do you like wincest?" "How do you feel about wincest?" or "Why do/don't you like wincest?" or anything even related to wincest. Sorry.

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